Pilot Touhill - Head To Toe

Gaining this indie artist new fans and big exposure, Head To Toe is rocketing toward 100,000 YouTube hits faster than falling off a skyscraper. Oops. Bad choice of words.

Sacha Sackett - Used

This dark, gothic tale was featured on MTV Logo's nationally broadcast "Click List".  It spent over a month in the Top 10 of that viewer-voted show, and in its last week hit #1.

Static Cycle - Inside This World of Mine

Filmed inside a building made entirely of ice, this video was featured on The Today Show, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Tonight, The New York Daily News, E! and The Huffington Post.

Pilot Touhill - Good Morning

When life gives you lemons, throw a party. A big party. In the middle of a busy city. This video was made on a shoestring budget, but still beat out hundreds of others to be featured on FUSE.

Holmes - Not With You

Some stories aren't what they seem, especially when seen from another perspective. A single smooth camera move, this video was shot in a few hours... after days of rehearsal.